DIY Ring Display

I truly believe that things that are not seen will not be worn. If I got a dollar for every time I’ve ‘rediscovered’ items of clothing, jewellery or makeup because they were hidden away out of sight and out of mind…well, I would be able to just buy a few ring display boxes and you wouldn’t be reading this post right now. With this quick and easy no-sew DIY project, I can now see my rings at a glance, whereas previously they were piled up, unused, in a bowl. While this display box houses most of my rings, my more regularly worn finger candy is kept in my DIY everyday jewellery organiser.


This DIY didn’t take me more than half an hour. Materials used to make it were very inexpensive, and easily accessible. Here’s how I did it:


For the foundation of this display, I used an old Beauty Box, which was one of those monthly beauty subscription services that has since been taken over by LustHaveIt. To make the rolls that keep the rings in, I used some foam hair rollers from the two dollar store, and some velvet fabric. Finally, you’ll need a hot glue gun to keep it all together.

P1010003The first step is to figure out the layout of the hair rollers. After you determine whether you will be working in portrait or landscape, start placing the rollers into the box. If you have extra space, snip up a hair roller to fill up the row, but make sure you cut it slightly longer than the gap to ensure everything is snug.


As for the number of rows, have enough so that you cannot see the bottom of the box anywhere between the rollers, and you can tip the box upside down without any of them falling out. You want a tight fit so that the rings stay put.


Now it’s time to start glueing the rollers together! This step is simple, you just want create the individual rows. Don’t stress too much about making the rows perfectly cylindrical, you will be covering them anyway so if the edges don’t match up perfectly it isn’t a problem.


Next, cut your fabric! I’m using just a simple black velvet for a luxurious look. The velvet is also practical as the textured finish helps to hold the rings in. Cut it to be at least 2cm wider than the box (1 cm on each side). You want it to be a fair bit longer than the box’s length, my advice is to have it at least twice as long as the box, and cut it short later if necessary.

P1260374The method I chose to use for covering the rollers was optimal in case I wanted to remove the rollers and use the box (or even the fabric!) for another purpose. It is also super super easy as it requires no glueing or sewing. To begin, lay the edge of the fabric into the box, velvet side down, and wedge the first row into the corner of the box. This should hold the fabric in place.


Then lay down the rest of the rows, and flip the fabric back over. I then used a metal ruler to push the fabric deep into the crevices between each row.


Once you reach the end, trim off the excess fabric, leaving enough to curl underneath the last row so it is held in place .


Then, again with the metal ruler, I pushed in the sides of the rows to achieve a clean finish.


And there you have it, my new ring display box! Now it is time to fill it up.




Since my box came with a lid, I can choose to close it up (thus preventing dust from getting in and keeping my rings and the velvet clean). Otherwise, I can display it as is, or place it on a frame/book stand to make it even more of a decor feature! (Perhaps I’ll even make my own using this nifty idea)

I’d highly suggest you make this quick, simple and inexpensive ring display box. It looks amazing and is highly functional!

Therese x

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